Boardroom Information Security Expert

With the number of cyberattacks skyrocketing, the need for an information security expert for the boardroom is becoming an urgent business necessity. Luckily, there are many cybersecurity executives with board-ready credentials who are eager to take this prestigious role. A person with this kind of experience in the boardroom is a valuable resource for both management and investors alike.

Unfortunately, many business executives think of cyber security as an IT issue, rather than an issue of risk management strategy. This is a huge error. As an executive in the business world it is your fiduciary obligation to protect your business and its assets. This means minimizing risk to your family members and yourself.

The best method to accomplish this is to train over and above your IT department. This involves regularly engaging with the C-suite in general, presenting security concepts in a simple and easy way without resorting to „geekspeak.”

When discussing cybersecurity in the boardroom, a CISO should be able to listen and respond to any concerns raised by potential board members. This will allow the CISO to analyze the risks and find a way weigh them against the desired business benefits of the strategy.

It is also important that board members understand how to minimize their own risk. This includes regularly reviewing their email and web browser histories. It is also recommended that they use a device specifically designed specifically for this purpose, to access the board portal of the company, and not a device they use for Facebook or online shopping. Additionally, CISOs must be sure to have board members participate in the security training which is provided to all employees.

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