Ecommerce Design Mistakes

The design of your ecommerce website is vital to the success of any online business. It promotes the user experience, reflect on your brand and helps with your search engine optimization efforts. However, it’s also very easy to make mistakes that will cause damage to your sales. These design errors in ecommerce can cause problems with conversion optimization.

Avoid these ecommerce blunders to increase sales and offer the best shopping experience online.

Too Related Site too much information:

Many designers who do not have the proper expertise in e-commerce design attempt to include too many elements into their site. This can create a cluttered look and can confuse customers. In addition, too much information can prevent shoppers from making an informed purchase.

Poor image quality:

The quality of the product’s images is crucial to getting online shoppers to buy. This is particularly the case for ecommerce websites that sell clothing as well as other accessories. It is essential to include multiple images and photos of each product so that customers can view all the specifics and features of the item. Make sure that the images are clear and they clearly depict the product from all angles.

Not enough explanation of products:

The primary reason customers visit an eCommerce site is to discover more about the product they’re considering buying. This is why it’s essential that the descriptions of your products are easy to understand and not filled with technical terms.

Too many clicks:

Online customers have a lot of patience with slow loading pages. A long loading time could deter customers and cause them to abandon your site. To avoid this, make use of responsive ecommerce designs that adjust to mobile devices and allow customers to sign in using their Google or Facebook account.

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