How to Choose the Best Corporate Online Security Solutions for Businesses

When selecting the best corporate online security solutions for businesses, search for companies which offer a broad array of services and products. They should also offer 24/7 customer support.

Norton offers protection against malware, identity verification and more for small-sized businesses that have a subscription plan that includes up to 20 devices. The company’s software is cloud-based and offers anti-virus monitoring, spam blocking, and other security features.

Coalfire’s cybersecurity services include threat intelligence and risk assessment as well as security strategy design and implementation. Coalfire’s cybersecurity solutions concentrate on business continuity, confidentiality and trustworthiness.

Proofpoint’s cloud tools protect both external and internal communications from phishing, malware and ransomware. They can also protect data from loss and ensure compliance with privacy regulations.

Ping Identity simplifies access management with a flexible platform that provides multi-factor authentication. Ping Identity works with clients in multiple industries, including healthcare, finance, and retail.

CrowdStrike offers a variety of services, from EDR and XDR to managed detection and response (MDR) and vulnerability management as an service. The company’s Falcon platform offers security for all environments, from the cloud to the edge and beyond.

HackerOne helps companies identify and remediate software flaws. The company’s clients include GM, Nintendo and PayPal. HackerOne also offers a bounty program for ethical hackers. HackerOne also offers other options including threats hunting and simulations of attacks. It also offers a number of benefits for employees, including 401(k) as well as stock purchase plans and professional development courses.

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