How to Effectively Manage a Board Meeting

Board meeting management encompasses the entire process prior to, during and after a board’ meeting. This includes votes, decisions and notes, as well as risks and meeting agenda items. By following the right strategies, you can ensure that your board meetings deliver the purpose they were designed for: making decisions on strategies for the company, and specifying how teams work towards those strategies.

To ensure that discussions are productive, stick to your agenda and limit the time you spend on reports. Limiting the number of executive presentations by inviting only the most important executives to a couple of agenda points will allow for a more detailed discussions on the most important strategic issues and allows the executives to provide feedback directly to the board.

If a new subject is discussed during the meeting. Encourage board members to discuss it between sessions or outside of the boardroom. This will allow everyone to focus on the primary issues and will save time during the meeting. Discussions that diverge from the main agenda can easily consume the entire board meeting. This is particularly true when they occur in the middle of a topic on the agenda. To prevent this from happening, ask attendees to push topics that aren’t relevant to the discussion at hand into the „parking lot.” When the meeting is concluded you should review the parking area and determine what should be researched further or added to the next agenda, or assigned as the task.

Use software that records results and archive all information pertaining to the meeting. Choose a simple interface with seamless integrations to ensure participants can join the meeting and remain focused.

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