The Board Management Maturity Model

A maturity in project management is a method to evaluate the current level of process proficiency within an organisation. It can also be used to establish objectives and devise a plan to implement changes.

Most boards begin at the bottom of the board management maturity spectrum. They are aware of their responsibilities and dangers, but are reluctant to devote time to governance, because they feel it distracts them from their main job of running the business. It is crucial to inform boards that governing is a distinct job that requires its own level evaluation of professional development and evaluation as well as training. It is also a risky undertaking that requires the imagination, determination and ability to take risks in an interconnected and messy external world of economics, physical environment changes as well as demographic trends and cultural changes.

The next step is for the Board to take the conscious decision to move along the management maturity ladder for board members towards 'The Learning Board.’ This requires a shift away from the traditional emphasis on Accountability and Management Supervision to a focus on Policy Formulation and Strategic Thinking. It’s a major shift in the way boards operate and usually requires some external help in order to get the necessary new approach in place. It also requires the establishment of a regular procedure for publishing the latest trends in the collective knowledge of the board and its emotional climate. It is also an ideal time for the Chairman, assisted by the Company Secretary, should lead the changing of a board’s agenda away from hard business performance and towards a more focused agenda that focuses on the unique challenges facing the company.

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